Growing your microbiome at home

What is in a take home kit?

Take home kits contain: three small agar plates, q-tips and PBS (saline solution) for sample collection, parafilm to seal the plates, and a plate map to draw your streak design. 

Civic Art Lab 2021

Hunter College Art Science Class 2022

Close ups from a Hunter College art science class's individual collective fabric 

The photos above document the contents of a take home kit and resulting fabrics created by different groups, including visitors of the 2019 Civic Art Lab exhibition and students in an art science class at Hunter college. This take home fabric creates a more personalized experience of your microbiome, allowing you to streak your microbiome alone and with a partner, loved one, pet, etc. After two weeks the plates are returned to us to visualize and display on a light box, where participants can compare their individual fabrics.