I search for a unifying language that elucidates what it is to be human. In an age where electronic devices have become a replacement to intimacy and face-to-face connection, my commitment is to bring the natural, physical and everyday world back into the human experience. I invite people to reconsider their relationships to common objects. I look for that space where the unexpected can exist and new ways of seeing can evolve, inspire and surprise. It is important that my work has physicality and can be experienced and touched. In this way a direct memory is triggered, shifting the past to the present and vice versa.


I encourage people to participate in my process. The piece vulnerability 1 (2010) is an invitation for all the women I know to contribute their unwashed underwear as an investigation into shared womanhood, intimacy, body, shame, sexuality and beauty. In invisible presence (2013), I invited consumers in New York to recycle their paper bags through me. This piece is a homage to the makers of paper bags. It marks an invisible collaboration, both with the bag maker, the collectors and myself: a three-part symbiosis resulting in a new

man-made organic form.


The crux of my work is in the process and exchange generated in gathering the material. I am inspired by the moment when the creative becomes a catalyst for dialogue to empower the humanitarian space. While the installation serves as the documentation, my goal is for the work to exist in continued conversation.