What is the color of your blood? 

performance  performance, lab equipment including glass slides, microscopes, dimensions variable.
2017 - ongoing

What is the color of your blood? (WICOB) was born out of my own misunderstanding of my identity; being a woman from Dutch parents growing up in Kenya was confusing. I understand how little I know of the constructed identities and related power dynamics that I am part of. Working with blood illustrated the paradox of identity for me; we have outer differences, but on the level of our red blood cells we are more than 99.7% similar. WICOB debuted in Klapper Gallery in collaboration with Queens and Hunter College biology departments. Visitors could engage by making cellfie, microscopic blood cell photograph; choosing an identity by responding to three key questions; witnessing performances; ephemera and moving images and exchanging ideas. The answers are collected and shared online here